Site Re-design In Progress

July 14, 2008

Any Resume Clients and Supporters-

Our primary site is currently undergoing updates and re-design to present a better customer service experience for all. Our redesign will include multimedia and increased interaction including Q&A, the return of That’s The Business Radio and more!

The benefit of having our blog and MySpace page will be to interact more with our clients so it is definitely a positive step in the right direction!

Any Resume Staff-


Any Resume Yokosuka Japan Feedback

June 27, 2008

Any Resume Consulting’s outreach has just hit the Far East as we currently have advertising and operations on the Yokosuka Naval Base.

Special thanks goes to Mr. Adam Jones for his insight and suggestion that we go forward with this initiative.

Feedback has been great from the sailors and civilians that have contacted us thus far.

Any Resume Greater Ft. Knox Expansion Progress Rpt

May 13, 2008

Any Resume Consulting continues our efforts to build a presence in the greater Fort Knox area.

Our representatives are spreading the word slowly via a grassroots campaign.

The homebase of operation will begin a series of television spots in the area to build awareness.

Any Resume Presence in Yokosuka Japan

May 13, 2008

Any Resume Consulting will continue to expand services in the Yokosuka Japan area. Any Resume will now be advertising in the Yokosuka Seahawk Base Newspaper to reach all servicemembers and civilian contractors in need of our top-notch technical writing services.

Any Resume Presents: Understanding the SharePoint Market (Baltimore, MD)

April 1, 2008

Any Resume Consulting Lead Consultant Shadeed Eleazer will be presenting at the Baltimore SharePoint User’s Group on 4/17/08. Details are below.
The Topic of this month’s discussion is: “Understanding the SharePoint Market”

The following objectives will be discussed:

Clearly defining SharePoint roles and how misunderstanding of these roles affect staffing and on-the-job performance

Forecasting upcoming demands in skillsets for SharePoint professionals in the near and distant futures.

Discussion of the current SharePoint demand for skilled employees

Reading In-Between the lines: Extracting the facts vs. fiction in a SharePoint position

Questions you should ask before accepting your next SharePoint role

The abovementioned will be discussed and the floor will be open to share experiences and more!

The meeting is free of charge and open to all interested SharePoint professionals, power users, managers, and the merely curious about SharePoint as well.

The meeting will be catered courtesy of our food sponsor to be named shortly.

The meeting will be held at Emagination’s Baltimore office.

E.magination 1030 Hull St. Baltimore, MD 21230.
Cascade Building Suite 300

The Networking timeframe will now begin at 6:00pm to allow for attendees to arrive ontime for presentations.
Announcements and agendas start shortly after 6:30 pm.
Reserve your space today online at: http://www.baltimores…
Thanks –

Baltimore SharePoint User’s Group Staff –

Any Resume Opens Branch Location in Fort Knox, Kentucky

March 31, 2008

March 31, 2008 (Fort Knox, KY) – Any Resume Consulting is set to expand its operations to the Midwest with the opening of a branch location to support the base relocation initiatives that are occurring in the region.

“This is a great opportunity to expand our services into a new market and continue to put forth the quality services that we have been accustomed to providing” says Lead Consultant, Shadeed Eleazer of Any Resume Consulting.  

More details will be available on the Any Resume site

For clients who need to contact Any Resume’s Kentucky branch, there will be a 1-800 number posted shortly in the promotion of the opening of this branch.