Frequently Asked Questions

What is your standard turnaround time?

Standard turnaround time will vary for each resume project. We typically
maintain a 5-7 day average for most resume projects. Customers based overseas
can expect a turnaround time of 12-14 days due to the inability to send packages
overnight through U.S. mail to FPO/AP address.

What options do you have for short deadlines?

We offer Rush Packages for our clients who have deadlines ranging from 24-48
hours. This package requires greater availability of our clients via phone or

Note: Any Resume Consulting reserves the right to refuse last minute orders.

I need to post my resume online. Do you have options for the internet?

Absolutely. Any Resume Consulting understands the importance of the online job search and all of our resumes are prepared in a format ready to be uploaded to any major job search engine or website that you prefer. We also offer a special Internet Package allows our consultants to do the legwork for our clients and prepare an online profile for up to five major job search web portals.

Do we have to meet in person in order to complete my resume project?

Not at all. Our business model is designed to cater to customers who are based outside of our primary location. Since our biggest client is servicemembers in the midst of transition to civilian life, we must ensure that we communicate and gather requirements to put together the best possible document. This includes phone consultation, fax, email, and scanning documents to complete the job. A large portion of our customers may not have had to conduct a job search in quite some time due to job stability. For those customers requiring face-to-face interaction, we set up appointments and meet at a suitable time for client and consultant.

Where are you located?

Any Resume Consulting is a web based business with its homebase of operation in Woodlawn, MD. We have consultants based throughout the greater Maryland and we are looking at expansion into the Washington, DC market.


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