When is the Right Time to Separate?

August 7, 2008

When Will You Separate From the Military?

For every servicemember, whether you stay two years or enlist for 30 years, you have to leave at some point. The question is: When is the right time to separate?

There are many schools of thought surrounding this:

“If you stay for 10, you might as well do 20”

“Get out after your first enlistment”

“Don’t get out until you’re ready”

For each servicemember, it is a personal decision. Are you getting out of the military to ‘escape’ a bad tour? Do you have a solid gameplan on how you will establish yourself once you are separated?

We have guided hundreds of servicemembers into well-paying civilian assignments -but- we also preach that the US military is one of the few places that you can completely establish yourself with no money down.

There is no right or wrong decision – only options. Send your transition questions to anyresume@gmail.com to be featured on our ask anyresume section of our blog.

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